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Our firm’s size allows our lawyers to draw on significant resources, and utilize the latest technology for communications, case management, and accounting to efficiently handle our cases, no matter how complex. Our attorneys have built a reputation on deep commitment to personal service, dedication to client goals and steadfast protection of our clients’ legal rights.

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Today Bailey & Galyen is one of the largest consumer law practices in Texas. With more than 30 attorneys and a substantial support staff we provide a wide range of legal services including Criminal Defense, Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, Estate Planning and Immigration.

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We believe that effective counsel demands a comprehensive approach. We place a premium on communication, making certain you are always informed of any developments in your case and that you fully understand your options so that you can make good decisions.

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A booking is an administrative task in the criminal procedure in which your name, the crime charged, your address, and telephone number are recorded. Your photograph will be taken and you will be fingerprinted.

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See online reviews from hundreds of satisfied clients. You can also leave your own comments. Client feedback is very important to us.

Client Reviews

Financing & Payments

The Bailey & Galyen Legal Card is a first of its kind, providing an affordable financing option for legal services for Bailey & Galyen clients. Qualified clients will be able to pay for legal services with convenient monthly payments making the cost of legal services within their reach.

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For your convenience we have provided downloadable forms. To save time in our office you may print out the General Intake Form and all other forms that pertain to your case. Please fill out the forms and bring them with you to your interview with the attorney.

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