The Best Ways to Avoid an Arrest for Drunk Driving

The most obvious way to avoid a DWI arrest is to refrain from driving when you have consumed any alcohol. Depending on a number of factors, including how much you have eaten, how large you are and when you last ate, even one drink may put you at or over the legal limit. The best advice is to wait a minimum of two to four hours after the consumption of any alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a car.

Other steps you can take that will minimize your risk of arrest include:

  • making certain your car’s registration is current and that you have the appropriate tag on your car. Unfortunately, many people who are charged with DWI are pulled over because of an expired or out-of-date registration tag. Simply having the tag in the car with you won’t help. Keep your registration current and immediately update your license plate.
  • obeying all traffic laws. Most people arrested for DWI are pulled over for violation of another traffic law, not because they appear to be driving while intoxicated. Common offenses include speeding, making illegal turns or lane changes, or failing to use due caution. You can even be pulled over for driving too slowly. Don’t increase your risk if you have had a drink or two. Obey the traffic laws.
  • don’t volunteer information to the police officer. If you are old enough to drive, you must know that you have the right to remain silent. Don’t tell the officer that you have been drinking, and don’t worry that your refusal to answer a direct question may imply guilt.
  • make certain your car is street-legal. Any defective equipment, such as a broken light or faulty turn signal, can be the basis for a traffic stop. Also, tinted windows, glass packs and other customized features that may or may not be legal can be the basis for being pulled over.
  • don’t take field sobriety or coordination tests. You are not required to take field sobriety tests. You cannot be arrested for refusing to submit to the test.

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