Does your diagnosis have a big impact on whether or not you will be awarded Disability?

By Texas Social Security Disability Attorney, Jennifer Scherf-Cook

Nearly 56% of all cases awarded disability by SSA involve claims of disability as a result of spinal issues. An almost identical number are awarded for claims based on affective or mood disorders.*

68% of awarded cases involve Chronic Pulmonary Insufficiency. 85% of claims related to renal failure are awarded and 57% of chronic liver disease and cirrhosis claims get paid.

On the other side of the range; Cancer claims collectively comprise a much smaller percentage of cases awarded: @ 15%. This is mostly due to the high treatability and remission rate today for most kinds of cancers.

But claims that involve pain or emotional disorders are also much more likely to take longer to award. This is because the complaints are subjective in nature and are harder to evaluate, especially at the lower levels at SSA.

Currently, about 46% of all claims get awarded at the lower levels (i.e. more quickly), but the number of overall awards above is very different that the claims that are getting paid fast. 80% of cases awarded quickly involve cancer or kidney/liver claims. So while these claims aren’t making up the majority of awards, they are the ones that are getting decided and paid most quickly.

Why is that? Because these conditions can be shown through subjective evidence. Labs and biopsies clearly showing the severity of the conditions.

This can help you if you know how to file your claim. If you have several issues that are keeping you from working, focusing on the conditions with subjective data you can get into SSA quickly will help you get a quick award.

* Most disability claims involve disability due to more than one condition which explains the overlap in numbers.

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