The latest on what Obama might do in regards to the immigration system

Here is the latest on what Obama might do in regards to the immigration system. The plan for the executive action could be announced as early as November 21st. However, it could be delayed a few days after that depending on white house approval. No final decision has been made. The plan apparently has 10 initiatives and includes improving border security and higher pay for immigration officers. It also appears that he will expand on deferred action. It will expand on children brought to the United States illegally and may include parents of U.S. citizen and Legal Permanent Resident children to stay. It is estimated that this will affect 4.5 million illegal immigrants. They will receive work permits, social security numbers, and id.

Deferred action right now, allows illegal immigrant children who entered before their 16th birthday and before June 2007 to be free of deportation and a work permit. The plan might change June 2007 to January 1, 2010. This would allow another 300,000 illegal immigrant children ability to stay and receive a work permit.

Other plans include a new Naturalization Process in which the first 10,000 applicants can receive 50% off with the exception of those who make more than 200% above the poverty line. There would be more opportunities for tech job visas. There would be a revision on removal priorities.

We will not know details of his total plan until he addresses the nation but his plan could still have many issues. One issue is that Congress has the sole power of controlling the finances. Congress could simply bar money used for that purpose. Keep Bailey and Galyen in mind for any immigration need you have.