Latest on the Obama Executive Actions

Here is the latest on the Obama executive actions. They have been put on hold. A Federal Judge in Brownsville, Texas has put the programs on hold until the federal court can hear the trial of the 26 states who are suing the federal government. The federal government has appealed to overturn the hold and to fast track the case. However, yesterday, the case will not be on a fast track. The 26 states will have until March 23rd to respond. We do not know how long it will take the court to rule.

The Federal Judge in Brownsville did give a narrow opinion. He stated the federal government did not follow the administrative procedure governing how federal agencies can establish regulations. If the appeals court finds that the federal government did not follow administrative procedures, they will have to back up follow those procedures before the immigration executive programs can begin.

It does not appear that Congress is going to pass a comprehensive immigration bill. It appears that changes in immigration law will be piece by piece, probably starting with border security and enforcement of laws currently in place. However, immigration does not seem to be a priority for Congress. I will continue to provide updates.