Network vs. Non-Network


If you have a work related injury that has workers’ compensation coverage, would you know if it is a network or non-network claim? What this means is, does your employer subscribe to a network for your medical treatment, or have they not opted in to any network?

If your employer subscribes to a network, then you must treat with a physician within this network in order for the providers to receive payment. Your employer should indicate this in writing to you at some point during your employment. Very often, you are limited to the doctors that are on this network list, and most only allow a onetime change to another physician (but still in the same network).

If your employer does not subscribe to a network, then you are free to choose any physician you prefer as long as they accept workers’ compensation claims. Please note, that within the first 60 days of your injury you can change doctors without the permission of the Division of Workers’ Compensation. If it’s after the 60 day period, you must submit a request to the DWC on a Form  DWC 53 in order to be approved to change treating physicians.

Here at Bailey & Galyen, our dedicated workers’ compensation department can assist you in navigating through the forms and procedures to get you the needed medical treatment.