Effects of the Poor Economy on SS Disability

During good economic times, when unemployment rates are low, even people with moderate health issues or disabilities work. However, when the economy turns, people who are missing more work due to health problems are much more likely to be the first people downsized and they turn to SSA Disability programs for financial assistance.

But the numbers from SSA indicate that they are not getting the assistance unless their condition is truly completely disabling. Even though they are not successful, the increase in numbers of applicants drastically slows down the disability process for everyone applying.

Claim processing timeframes have waxed and waned over the years; as have approval rates. Right now both are looking pretty bleak. Award rates are declining and processing times have been steadily climbing. A large factor is the increase of non-qualified applicants.*

If you are unable to find a job, and you have some health issues, you may not qualify for SS Disability – please contact a Disability Attorney to discuss your condition because there are programs out there to assist you in finding employment or even health care. There are other options.

* Another factor is that the poor economy means the Government is having staffing shortages and this also affects processing times.