Although U.S. citizenship is automatically obtained when a person is born on U.S. Territory there are other avenues available for U.S. citizenship. A person born in a foreign country may acquire or derive U.S. citizenship based on the U.S. citizenship of one or both parents.

Acquiring citizenship means a child was born in a foreign country and is able to automatically obtain U.S. Citizenship based on the U.S. Citizenship of one or both parents at the time the child was born. There are many guidelines in order to establish citizenship through this method. Factors taken into account include the year the child was born, the number of years of U.S. physical presence of the parent and if the parents were married or not at the time of the birth.

Deriving U.S. Citizenship means a child was born in a foreign country, however the parent has become a
U.S. Citizen through the naturalization process. Through this method, the children under 18 of naturalized parents are able to derive citizenship automatically.

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