Hurt at your Part-time job?

I have had many cases where my client was injured while at his/her part-time job, and due to the work restrictions, they can’t work at their full-time job. What then? Well, there is a form for this: DWC 3ME. Where you were injured is the “claim employer,” all other employers are called “non-claim” employers. Your non-claim employers must fill out the DWC 3ME, to show what your wages were before the accident, up to 13 weeks. The insurance carrier must calculate all your wages that you were earning prior to your injury, especially now since the post-injury earnings have significantly changed due to your injury.

Be sure to mention to your attorney that you have other earnings that must be considered since you are no longer able to work. Give us a call today so that we can review your full pre-injury wages and compare them with your post-injury earnings or lack thereof.

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