Are you eligible for mileage reimbursement for attending doctor’s appointments?

Going back and forth to your doctors’ visit can take time and money for fuel. Especially when you have therapy, that meets 3, 4 sometimes 5 times a week! In some cases, Workers’ Comp. will reimburse you for mileage for doctors visits that are further than 30 miles one way.

Having said that, there is a catch. If the Insurance carrier can locate a facility that could have provided you the same treatment within that 30 miles, they do not have to pay you for the mileage. What this means is, people that live in rural areas would have a better chance of claiming mileage because there are not many doctors available to you so you have to drive pretty far in order to get to a doctor. If you live in big cities like Dallas or Fort Worth it’s a little bit more difficult since most certainly there are doctors within 30 miles of your residence that “could have” provided you medical treatment. I say “could have,” since “would they” is not the standard.

You would need to file your request for mileage reimbursement on a DWC form 48, and you would need to submit it in a way that allows for a confirmation that it was received by the adjuster. The adjuster has 45 days to pay or dispute the request. If you get neither response and it’s after 45 days then they must pay the reimbursement requested. Do know, you have one year from the date of the visit to submit mileage reimbursement requests. The current rate I believe is .54 cents per mile.

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