Estate PlanningWith apologies for the gender reference, you have probably heard the phrase. For plumbing, electrical work, auto repair, accounting, etc. The response is “I have a guy”. This means you are familiar with their work, they have done work for you or for a trusted friend, and they do a good job for a reasonable fee. We have all received what we thought was a good price for what turned out to be shoddy work. We have all had the feeling that we overpaid. “Having a guy” means that you received a good product and good service for a fair price. You don’t feel like you got ripped off. There is comfort in the trust you have in the relationship and that adds to your quality of life.

There are thousands of options marketed to you everyday for estate planning or probate or any of the areas of law that we practice. It is stressful to look for legal help in such a noisy environment. It’s scary to realize how important your legal matter is and how vulnerable you are to slick ad campaigns or the agitated shouting of a guy standing in front of a wrecked car. One of the great things about practicing law in this area for so many years is the opportunity to gain the trust of those you serve. We are honored when we hear that we came highly recommended or that a client claims they won’t make an important decision without talking with Mr. Bailey or another one of our attorneys.

If you don’t have an attorney you can call for advice and counsel we would love to have the opportunity to earn your trust.

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