THE BUDDY SYSTEMI am apparently on the “He’s old so we can scam him“ list. Extended warranties or refinancing for cars I don’t own, windows, roofing, and people claiming to be from the IRS or my internet provider. Some of these folks are looking to sell me something. Others are looking to rip me off. Why do millions of people fall for these scams? Well, mostly because the victims didn’t use the buddy system. You remember as early as preschool you would be assigned a partner so you could look out for each other. Later you may have married and had children. Spouses and parents and children utilize the buddy system. However, as we age, experience ill health, and possibly become more isolated we are more vulnerable to fraud.

I can’t cure the common criminal, but I have some reminders to make us slightly less easy to prey upon.

  1. Check your pride at the door. We all need help.
  2. Never give out your information over the telephone.
  3. Run your life like a business. (Business decisions are discussed with my buddy, attorney, CPA, etc.)
  4. People who want you to make a decision in a hurry are rarely seeking YOUR best interest.
  5. Feel free to call Bailey & Galyen with questions regarding your legal rights and responsabilities.

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