When my Workers’ Comp is done – Do I have to go back to the same Employer?

Workers Comp' BenefitsReceiving Workers’ Comp Medical benefits has nothing to do with your employer. Workers’ Compensation medical benefits are handled by the insurance carrier, and do not involve your employer. Money benefits can be impacted by severe factors. This depends. If you are currently working light duty at your job, and you decide to quit or resign, this may impact your ability to receive money benefits if later your doctor renders you unable to return to work light duty, or if your employer no longer offers light duty. If you removed yourself from the work place, versus your inability to work, this may impact your ability to receive income benefits. If you have reached maximum medical improvement, and been given an impairment, and are receiving your impairment rating benefits, in most cases you can choose to not return back to the original claim employer.

Some people may not want to return back to the original employer due to the work environment, or seeing how the employer reacted to your filing a work comp claim left a very bad impression. Whatever the reason, I would recommend not formally “quitting” or resigning during the initial stage of worker’s comp, as there can be some significant ramifications regarding the money benefits. Bottom line- you do not have to go back to the same employer in order to maintain/secure your medical benefits and your impairment benefits.

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