Update on Sanctuary Cities in Texas

Immigration LawHere is the latest on the Sanctuary Cities law in Texas. On May 8th, the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, signed the ban on Sanctuary Cities law in Texas. It will begin on September 1, 2017. This law sets the criminal and civil penalties for local governments who do not comply with Immigration laws and detention requests. The law would fine these governments up to $25,500 a day in which the law is violated. Sheriffs, constables, and police chiefs who do not comply with detention requests can be charged with a misdemeanor. Elected and appointed officials can be removed from office.

The Governor has stated that public safety is the top priority. He feels it is inexcusable to allow individuals out of jail who are not here legally and committing crimes such as sexual assault, robbery, or domestic violence. The Governor has also stated the Texas bill had been tested and approved by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The argument against this law is based on racial profiling for untrained Immigration Officers. It is believed that Police Officers will target people who do not speak English and Hispanics. Texas is the first state to pass such a law. It comes after President Trump threatened to cut federal funds from Sanctuary Cities. It is expected to be challenged in court even though the Governor believes it will be approved by the Supreme Court. We will continue to monitor this and other Immigration issues. We will continue to post any new information on our blog.

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