Watch the Holiday Cheer!! DUI Enforcement is Up at the Holidays

Criminal LawIt’s the holiday season—time for Christmas and New Years parties. That usually means a few beers or a couple of cocktails. But you want to be particularly careful this time of year. Law enforcement officials are aware of the increase in parties and partying around the holidays, and typically beef up their DUI and DWI enforcement to try to ensure a higher level of public safety.

Tips for Avoiding a DUI This Holiday Season

The most obvious solution to avoid a drunk driving arrest after a Christmas or New Years party? Don’t drink and drive:

  • Find an alcohol free holiday drink—Leave the booze out of the eggnog this year or sip on some non-alcoholic champagne. Consider that it’s the company that makes the party, not the liquor. You can celebrate without drinking.
  • Volunteer to be the designated driver—You’ll be a hero with your friends and you’ll know that you won’t be riding in a vehicle with a drunk driver

But let’s say you really want to have a toddy or two—you can still do that and be safe. It may be a simple matter of pacing yourself, understanding your capacity to absorb alcohol. You can bring your own designated driver, or arrange to stay at a nearby hotel, or with a friend. Another good option—call a cab or use mass transit to get home. Here’s what won’t work, though—no amount of coffee or food will sober you up; only time can do that.

Other Ways to Minimize the Risk of a DUI

If you’ve had a few drinks and have no choice to get on the road, there are still a few tips to help minimize the risk of being pulled over:

  • Turn your cell phone off until you get home—Even when you haven’t had a few drinks, your phone is a distraction. In fact, the National Safety Council says that more than 1.5 million accidents, and 330,000 injuries every year are tied to cell phone use by drivers.
  • Practice safe driving techniques—Pay close attention to traffic signs and signals and obey the laws. There’s no rush to get home, but don’t drive way below the speed limit, either, as that will draw the attention of law enforcement officials.
  • Maintain your vehicle—Too many drunk driving arrests result from poor vehicle maintenance. The police only need reasonable cause to pull you over. If your tail light is broken or your turn signal doesn’t work, that’s a motor vehicle infraction and you can be stopped. Never put off even minor vehicle maintenance.

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