Fresh Start!

New Year Fresh Start Coffee Mug Wills and Estate PlanningA new year is upon us and it reminds me of a fundamental need we all sense at one time or another; the need for a fresh start. I am not a huge fan of resolutions, but any prompt to move me into a better 2019 is a good prompt.

Start Spring cleaning early by donating or discarding stuff you don’t need as you tidy up after the holidays. This will free up more space for living life and may help you locate items or documents you need to secure. Read them to see if they are consistent with your wishes and circumstances in 2019. If you can’t find the originals of your Will, Powers of Attorney, Medical Directives, etc., neither will your loved ones in an emergency. Don’t settle for being “sure they’re around here somewhere” and don’t assume a copy is as good as an original.

Start talking with those you love and those you depend on about important things. Have the courage to discuss your mortality and your ideas about the future. Remind each other of your values, hopes, and dreams! Tell someone that you love them and appreciate them for who they are and who you see them becoming.

Start dispensing grace! For many of us it will begin with ourselves. We are our harshest critics and have the longest memories of our failings. Perhaps the New Year is an opportunity to let go of some stuff you carry around all the time. Perhaps your faith calls you to give grace to others, but you’ve found that forgiving yourself is much more difficult. You may view a relationship as so broken that it can’t be reconciled. Give a little grace and see what happens.

We have been blessed to help a record number of families and individuals in December. It would be an honor to help you with a fresh start in 2019!