Payment of Retroactive Benefits

Payment of Retroactive BenefitsSSI claimants are often disappointed when they learn that their past due benefits will be paid in installments after a finding of disability. Often times it can take a full year for social security to pay all the money owed. However there are circumstances that can effectuate an acceleration of the payment of past due benefits.

Since many SSI claimants accrue debt while awaiting their disability determination social security’s rules allow for the accelerated payment of past due benefits, if the claimant can show that the debt is related to medically necessary services or expenses. The definition of “medically necessary” is construed broadly and varies from office to office, however it can include, a car to travel to appointment, a cell phone to contact providers, and a computer to access records or my SSA account.

Similarly, if a claimant can show accrued debt or upcoming expenses related to the acquisition of food, clothing, or shelter (including rent and mortgage) social security can expedite the payment of the lump sum settlement. Lastly the payment of past due benefits can also be accelerated in circumstances where the claimant has expenses related to the purchase of a home.

The acceleration of benefits is only allowed in circumstances where the expenses will not be reimbursed by another public program, insurance policy, or other method.

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