Back-to-School Reminders and Estate Planning

backtoschoolIf you are a student or educator, you know it’s about that time of year. Our Estate Planning attorneys have listed out a few back-to-school reminders to go along with your estate planning needs.

Back-to-School Reminders | Estate Planning Attorneys

  • Slow down and watch out for school zones and kids on the move.
  • Establish or contribute to an education fund for children or grandchildren. It will be needed before you know it. Learn how Bailey & Galyen can help you secure a loved one’s education in your estate plan.
  • Contribute to a charity or other effort that helps disadvantaged students get the books, supplies, equipment, and other things needed to start school right.
  • If your student turns 18 this year, contact us about preparing power-of-attorney documents for them. HIPPA protects your adult child’s privacy but can create challenges if you need to help them seek medical care.
  • Supporting your local school is an investment in the future in more ways than one. It not only benefits the students, neighborhood, and community, but a better school also can bolster property values.
  • If you want to benefit a school financially, or leave a legacy by establishing a scholarship or endowment, consult a CPA and an estate planning attorney in order to do it right.

Contact Our Estate Planning Attorneys

Back-to-school time is a reminder that another chapter of our lives is here. The estate planning attorneys at Bailey & Galyen continue to help people plan for the challenges that come with life transitions and opportunities. Contact us if we can assist you this upcoming school year.