What Are Your Rights as a Passenger Involved in a Car Crash?

We’re a society on the go: a 2016 census estimated that there were about 1.8 cars per household in the U.S. that year. But, that mobility comes at a cost. In 2017, over 4.5 million people were hurt in auto accidents badly enough to require medical help. Such injuries can be traumatic, even life-changing. How do you get back on your feet, medically and financially, after a car crash? How do you begin to recover?

The Violence Against Women Act and its Application to Immigrant Victims of Crime

September 30, 2018, is the current expiration date for the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), a law originally enacted in 1994 that increases protection for both men and women suffering from domestic and dating violence. In July, House Democrats introduced a measure to reauthorize VAWA, but then House lawmakers went on recess until September 4th, leaving very little time for reauthorization before VAWA’s expiration.

Importance of Medical Care, Treatment Compliance, and Medical Records, at Social Security

The first step in any claim for social security disability is proving that you have an impairment that prevents you from sustaining gainful activity. To prove the existence of an impairment, the social security administration looks to your medical records, your doctor’s opinions of your capabilities, and then, if necessary, incorporates your testimony at a hearing to determine your eligibility for benefits. No matter the diagnosis, how you feel, or what you know your limitations to be, it is crucial that you have sought and received medical treatment. Medical treatment can not only provide a diagnosis, but can outline the specific limitations caused by your impairments.

What Does “Network” Doctor Mean in Workers’ Comp?

There has been much confusion as to what doctors an injured worker can or cannot visit for treatment. Many insurance companies offer network doctors that you must choose from in order to receive treatment under workers’ comp. Usually, the first doctor you see, if in network, becomes your doctor for all future treatments. Most networks allow for a one-time change, but it must be approved by the network or adjuster.

Military Divorce

One of the sad realities in Texas is that just over half of all marriages end in divorce. Perhaps due to the number of divorces, young attorneys fresh out of school often do divorces until they get their first job. It is also perhaps for this (and many other) reasons that some get the impression that matrimonial law is fairly simple. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Matrimonial law touches on every other field of law. Further, many people seeking a divorce are members of one of the branches of the military.

No Maintenance?

Some of us have watched the world go from high maintenance to at least lower maintenance in our lifetime. Automobiles that used to get 100 miles to the tire and seven miles to the gallon now allow us to put 50,000 miles on a tire and get 40 plus miles per gallon. If you’re lucky, you can put a couple hundred thousand miles on a car with routine maintenance, and sealed systems mean that greasing parts or adding water to a battery are foreign concepts to most people. Vinyl siding and brick have reduced the need to paint the exterior of houses, and better design and more durable materials extend the life of countless products, which results in minimal maintenance.

Probation Violations

If you’re sentenced to probation, your initial feeling might be relief because you’re not incarcerated, you can spend time with your family and in your community, and you can resume your life. But, probation doesn’t offer absolute freedom. An important factor to remember is that you are still subject to certain conditions, such as you may have to be monitored or seek permission to travel outside the county. Other common restrictions include:

Filing Bankruptcy: A Legal Means to Reach Your Financial Goals

Everyone who has ever had a financial goal or dream never started with a plan to file for bankruptcy. But, unfortunate things happen – loss of a job, an illness in the family or divorce. All of these things can affect and impede your financial goals. The solution is to find the courage to face these problems and make a long-term plan on how you will recover from these unfortunate incidents.