Accidents on Icy Texas Roads — Who Is Responsible?

It's winter in Texas. While that rarely means snow, it's not that unusual for motorists in Texas to encounter the challenges of driving on icy roads. Unfortunately, rain can turn to ice in an instant. What are the consequences when you're involved in a motor vehicle accident on an icy road in the middle of a Texas winter? Who is responsible for damages and how is liability determined?

Partial Government Shutdown as it Affects IRS

The recent partial government shutdown has affected 800,000 government employees. As we enter the tax filing season, many wonder if the IRS is affected and if so, how?

Path to Green Card for Victims of Crimes in the United States

The U nonimmigrant (U visa) status was specifically created for victims of certain crimes who have suffered mental or physical abuse due to the crime and are helpful to law enforcement or government officials in the investigation or prosecution of the criminal activity. The U visa process is a path to residency, also known as a green card, which grants permanent legal status in the United States. The U visa process is long and tedious and involves several steps, but if granted, it can provide you with legal status in the country.

Facing an Assault Charge after the Holidays?

It’s supposed to be a time of peace on earth, good will to all persons. Unfortunately, most domestic violence experts say, physical assault doesn't take a holiday at Christmas and New Years.

SSA Proposes Implementing More Video Conference Hearings

Increasingly the Social Security administration is utilizing video conferencing technology to conduct hearings in less urban locations and to ease the current back log. However, the claimant’s have always been given the opportunity to “opt out” of video conferencing if the claimant so desired. SSA is now proposing to eliminate the opt out provision, thereby expanding the use of the program.

Disengagement – Part One

Several years ago, James Brill wrote an excellent article for the Texas Bar Journal entitled, “Discouraging Disengagement.” It was billed as a helpful way to remind clients to maintain their estate plans. While we strive to build estate plans to last, various changes in the circumstances of clients’ lives means that amending the plans over the course of time will be necessary.