COVID-19 Updates

I am attorney Keith Spencer with the law firm of Bailey & Galyen. These are extraordinary times. Our normal routines, work schedules, and even avenues of communication have been interrupted. I want you to know that Bailey & Galyen is still here and able to assist you with all your legal matters and emergencies. We have adapted our practice to allow you to consult with our attorneys remotely by video conference, computer, or even your smart phone from the safety and comfort of your home. We have limited the number of personnel in our offices and each office is disinfected daily. We transmit documents via email and secured transmissions. Most court hearings are also being conducted by telephone or by video as well. We will all get through this together. These are troubling and confusing times. But Bailey & Galyen is still here and ready to assist you in solving your legal puzzle. If you have questions, please give me a call at 1-800-LAW OFFICE. If you need answers now, Bailey & Galyen is here for you.


Welcome to Bailey & Galyen

I'm J.C. Bailey with the law firm of Bailey & Galyen, one of the largest consumer law firms in the state of Texas. Well what does that mean? Big businesses have lawyers, the government has lawyers but what about individuals and small businesses? Who represents them? Well, Bailey & Galyen does. With at least 20 offices spread across Texas, with 50 plus lawyers and hundreds of years of experience. We offer you the opportunity to be heard, to be listened to and we want the opportunity to speak to you about your legal problems.

If you would, call us or email us and we will give you a free consultation. We want to help.



People contemplating a divorce would be well-advised to take stock of their current circumstances and evaluate whether they are in a position to proceed. A divorce is very disruptive to your life. It will affect your living arrangements, child care, job, and finances. A meeting with an attorney can help a client decide whether they are “ready for a divorce”.

Can you afford to pay the rent or mortgage on just one salary? Can you pay your other monthly bills?

Do your work hours or travel requirements make it difficult for you to get the kids to school or care for them at night?

Do you have a day care provider or a plan that allows you to work outside the home? Can you afford day care?

The answers to these kinds of questions may indicate that you are not yet prepared to file for divorce. For example, you may decide you need to change shifts at work to be able to care for your kids in the event of a divorce. You may need to make alternative living arrangements if you can’t afford the home on just one salary.

you also need to take into account the legal fees that come with a divorce. In other words, you need to have a workable plan for life after divorce. A meeting with an attorney can help you evaluate your readiness for a divorce and the financial changes that come with it.

At Bailey & Galyen, we offer free consultations with experience family law attorneys so you can evaluate your case and your plan for life after divorce.

What NOT to Do If You Are In Financial Trouble

Hi, I am Ted Machi, of Counsel to Bailey & Galyen, Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy Law since 1996.

There are five things you should not do if you find yourself in financial straight before seeking legal counsel: 

  1. Take out a payday loan – where the interest charge may be between 200 & 700% annual interest.

  2. Take out a title loan on your automobile.

  3. Take out a home equity loan on your house.

  4. Cash in or take a buyout from your employer, or take an early retirement.

  5. Sell your IRA’s or company stock.

We may be able to help you, CALL ME BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.


Merry Christmas

I’m Jay Bailey. I’m of counsel with the law firm of Bailey & Galyen, and on behalf of our employees, our staff, our attorneys, we want to wish you our clients and our friends, happy holidays and a great blessed new year.

Happy Thanksgiving


Greetings. My name is James Bridge, I’m the COO and Firm Managing Attorney of Bailey & Galyen Attorneys at Law.

At this time of Thanksgiving we pause to count our blessings. The freedom of this great country in which we live, it’s opportunity for achievement, the friendship and confidence you have shown in this firm. For all these things, we are deeply thankful. Our best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving, a Joyous Holiday Season, and a Happy New Year.

Grandparents’ Rights


I’m Keith Spencer. A Board Certified family law attorney with Bailey & Galyen.

Grandparents are frequently the most stabilizing forces in a child’s life. This is especially true when the biological parents are unable to meet the needs of the child, due to addiction or incarceration. However, it can be very challenging for Grandparents to obtain court-ordered custody, or even visitation rights with their grandchildren.

Texas law provides a legal preference for biological parents to raise their children, unless the court receives proof that they’re a danger to the child’s heath and emotional welfare. Grandparents facing such an issue should consult with an experienced Family Law Attorney, to evaluate and prosecute their case. Failure to meet the necessary burden of proof, leaves the court little choice but to dismiss the Grandparents’ case before it even gets started.

Grandparents’ Rights are very restricted. It’s imperative that Grandparents retain counsel with knowledge and experience in Grandparents’ Rights cases.

At Bailey & Galyen we provide FREE initial consultations. Come meet with us and let us evaluate your case.

Don’t Procrastinate

I’m Jay Bailey with Bailey & Galyen, I’m of Counsel with the firm, and I head our Probate & Estate Planning section.

Procrastination. Putting things off. All of us went to school, and most all of us waited 'til the night before to do that homework or that project that had been assigned days, if not weeks in advance.

It’s unwise to think I might be in an automobile accident and I’d simply put my seatbelt on right before I had the accident. But many of us in Texas put off doing Estate Planning. We think, “Well, there’ll be a better time. Maybe if I’m older, maybe if I have some kind of an illness, or some event comes into my life.” Don’t put it off. And if someone passes away, don’t put off talking to a lawyer about how to handle their probate. There’s a four year statute of limitations, and after that, the planning no longer exists.

The best advice we give is to seek wise counsel. If you need help, call me.