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When a Loved One is Arrested for DWI

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If your loved one has been arrested or charged with drunk driving, his or her release may only come when a bond is posted to secure their appearance at trial. A judge will have discretion in the amount of bond set, and the matter can be delayed for a variety of reasons. To fully protect your loved one’s rights, you want an experienced Texas criminal defense lawyer who knows the law and legal process governing bail bonds.

At the law offices of Bailey & Galyen, we bring decades of experience to individuals throughout Texas who need assistance getting released from incarceration under a bail bond. We have a comprehensive understanding of how the system works and how to expedite matters, so that your loved one does not unnecessarily remain in custody. We will work closely with you throughout the process, keeping you fully informed of any developments and apprising you of your options so that you can make the right decisions. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin the bail bond process.

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Our Bail Bond Service

We aggressively protect the rights of people at any stage of the bail bond process, whether the courts have set a bond or not. If no action has been taken to set the bond, we will take all necessary action to contact the court, seeking a writ of habeas corpus to authorize the judge to release the defendant. Often, when an arrest occurs on a Friday or Saturday night, a judge may not be on duty and proceedings to establish a bond may not occur until Monday without our intervention.

If the bond has already been set, we will review the amount requested to determine whether it is consistent with the type of offense as well as your risk of flight. You should be aware that bail bonds for repeat offenders or aggravated DWI may be significantly higher than for other drunk driving offenses. If the bond seems inordinately high based on the nature of the offense, we will petition the court to reduce the bond.

When the final bond is established, you can secure the release of the defendant by paying the full amount of the bond to the holding agency. Often this can be done by credit card, but the amount may be so high that you don’t have the funds. In those situations, we can direct you to a professional bail bondsman who will pay the bond, provided you put down a percentage of the full amount. The bondsman will charge a fee to provide this service.

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