Insurance Consequences of a Texas DWI Conviction

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Paying Bills

If you have been convicted of driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated in Texas, you can expect that your automobile insurance rates will go up, or that your insurer will simply cancel your policy. This page provides information about what you can expect after a conviction. To minimize the risk of serious consequences, you want an experienced attorney to protect your rights.

At Bailey & Galyen, we have years of experience handling all matters related to DWI defense for individuals in Texas. We will represent you in the administrative license revocation (ALR) proceeding as well as the criminal hearing to determine penalties. We always work to minimize the consequences of your arrest, seeking acquittal when appropriate, or reduced charges or sentencing whenever possible. We emphasize open communication throughout the process, encouraging you to share all relevant details of your situation with us, so that we can work toward a solution that meets your needs. We will keep you fully informed of all rulings in your case as well as your options so that you can make educated decisions.

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How a DWI Conviction Affects Your Motor Vehicle Insurance

If your insurance provider learns of your DWI conviction, you will most likely be placed in a higher risk category, known as a “high-risk driver.” Because your insurer considers you to be more likely to be involved in an accident, your premiums will almost certainly increase.

This, however, may not be the only risk you face. Most states (Texas included) require that your insurance company provide the state department of motor vehicles with what is known as an SR-22 proof of insurance before any suspension related to your DWI charge can be lifted. Many companies do not offer SR-22 policies. If your insurer is one of those, you will likely have your insurance policy cancelled. When you try to replace the insurance policy, your new insurer will necessarily obtain a record of any moving violations, which will include your DWI conviction. You may still be able to obtain insurance, but your deductibles may be large or you may end up paying substantially higher premiums.

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