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Social Security Disability LawCongress passed the Social Security Act in August 1935. Over the years Congress made a number of changes to the Social Security Act, however, there was no provision for disability in the original Act, or in later amendments. Each time Congress considered amendments to the Act, there were discussions and debates about possible disability provisions and how they would be administered. For a decade, 1940-1950, the Social Security Board, which later became the Social Security Administration, recommended in annual reports, the payment of social insurance benefits for workers who were permanently and totally disabled before they turned 65.

In 1950, additional amendments to the Social Security Act were added in which details of the present disability program had their origin. However, it was not until 1954 that Congress passed amendments that established the first operating social security disability (SSD) program under the Social Security Act.

While the Social Security Disability program provides benefits, and both you and your employer pay for the program’s insurance though payroll taxes, obtaining benefits is far from simple.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is an enormous organization, responsible for administering three basic programs: retirement, disability and survivor benefits. Although fairness and consistency are watchwords within SSA, the sheer size and complexity of the programs, makes efficiency and effectiveness extremely difficult.

Millions of new applications for disability benefits are filed each year. Sixty five percent of initial claims are denied, and 71% of claims submitted for reconsideration are denied. Once you get a denial letter, the struggle for benefits, which you direly need, only becomes more difficult. Hiring an attorney who understands the paperwork, the requirements for medical documentation and the appeals process can significantly increase the chance of winning your claim.

At the law firm of Bailey & Galyen, we concentrate our practice entirely on Social Security cases, offering clients one-on-one service, not found in other firms. Taking claims through every level of appeal: hearing appeals, appeal to council and in federal court, we have helped hundreds of individuals in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, including, but not limited to Bedford, Arlington and Euless successfully pursue Social Security benefits.

If you retain an attorney to assist you and do not win your claim for benefits, there is no fee. Social Security Disability law sets the amount and must approve your attorney fee, which is generally 25% of your benefits.

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