Landing Page Test

Insurance Company Private InvestigatorBe very wary of the lone vehicle parked nearby that shows up out of nowhere. The insurance carrier will stop at no means to “catch” you in the act of daily living. Anything to show that you aren’t really THAT hurt. They hire private investigators to talk to your neighbors about your activities, they will troll through social media to see if Injured Johnny is really a Good Time Charlie. You have to live and carry on in your daily life. Things such as going to the grocery store, getting fuel, dropping kids off at school – all acts of daily living. You have to do these things regardless! The problem with the videos, is they don’t lie. It IS what it IS. There is no arguing what’s caught on tape, and trust me, they are looking to catch you on tape! Also, they are trying to test your credibility: if you are supposed to be using crutches, they are going to try and catch you walking normal and not using crutches.

If you feel that the investigator is encroaching on your personal space, then stay indoors, or call the police and notify them that there is a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood. Give us a call today if you have any concerns with the workers’ comp insurance carrier and how your claim is being handled.