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If you have a dispute with the IRS involving unfiled returns, back taxes, IRS payroll taxes or IRS income and you were not able to obtain an acceptable settlement during the IRS audit and appeals stage, or in tax court, you will get a tax bill. One caveat, however, is to remember, just because you got an IRS notice doesn’t mean it is correct. The IRS’s internal accounting and system of automated generation of computer notices have a horrendous record of errors.

When you are facing the threat of IRS collection for tax debts, expert legal counsel can provide valuable assistance. IRS collection procedures may include garnishment of wages and salary, bank levies, tax liens against your property, or seizure of other assets, including IRAs, 401 (k) and other holdings or monies owed to you. If you have received an IRS demand for payment, you will have ten days to make payment or retain legal counsel to assist you.

At Bailey & Galyen, IRS tax lawyer Bradley Conway offers individuals as well as regional and multi-state commercial enterprises insightful legal advice and expertise to resolve IRS tax liabilities.

When you bring us your tax problem, we will explore all available options and devise a strategy that offers the most sensible solution in your situation. At the collection level, our aim is to arrive at the least amount the IRS will accept in payment. In some cases, the tax debt may be ”uncollectible,” you may qualify as an innocent spouse or the statute of limitations for collection may have run out. In certain cases we may be able to obtain penalty abatement. The most likely viable tax payment solutions are negotiation with the IRS to reach an offer in compromise (an agreement to settle for less than the amount you owe) or an installment plan for payment of your tax debt. If we are not able to reach an agreement for an offer in compromise or an acceptable payment plan, attorney David Jordan is prepared to take your case administratively through the appeals process.

If your back taxes have reached the collection stage, it is important to take immediate action and get legal help. The worst mistake you can make is to ignore your problem. It won’t go away. It will only get worse. Contact Us to arrange an appointment with tax lawyer David Jordan. Find out how his expertise can help you resolve the ”unresolvable.”

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