Are you receiving the $895.00 Maximum Weekly Income Benefit Rate?

Very often the insurance carrier will pay based on a 40 hour work week, based on what they think your hourly rate is. Within 30 days of reporting your injury, your employer shall provide to the insurance carrier a form DWC -3 that indicates what your gross wages were for 13 weeks before your injury. You should always ask for a copy of this form from the adjuster so that you can review it for accuracy. Even if you worked only one day on the job, the Employer must provide this form to the adjuster. In those circumstances (where you didn’t work a full 13 weeks prior to the injury), you definitely want to contact us so that we can review for your maximum entitlement is.

Each year, the DWC provides for what the maximum income benefit rates are according to your date of injury. Again, a very careful review of the form DWC 3 often times reveals mistakes in the calculation of your weekly benefit amounts. This is something that you would want an attorney to assist you with to ensure you are being paid the correct amount. Currently, the maximum weekly benefit amount is $895.08. Call Bailey & Galyen today at 844-402-2992 if you have any concerns about the amount you are being paid weekly.