Estate PlanningI read a quote the other day that has caused me to engage in the unaccustomed torture of thought. “You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.” I think the sentiment is empowering and a little bit intimidating. On the one hand, I want relief from the oppressive pace of my life and the responsibility and feelings of guilt that accompany trying to “do it all”, and inevitably failing. On the other hand, if I have choices to make as to the use of my time, talents, and money, then it’s difficult to blame other people or circumstances for those choices.

There are countless decisions to make: planning, investing, saving, purchases, charitable giving, job options, relationships, vacations, recreation, maintenance and upkeep, to name a few. While a beautiful beach or a big pay raise captures my imagination, saving for retirement or getting my teeth cleaned does not. Estate planning is the planning and maintenance part of life. My favorite toothbrush inscription is; “Only brush the ones you want to keep.” My advice is that you should do planning for the people you care about. Yes, it’s about as sexy as good oral hygiene, but it’s the right thing to do.