Mr. Phillip Galyen is celebrating 35 years in the Texas Bar!! Come celebrate with US!CELEBRATING 35 YEARS OF TRUST AND EXCELLENCEI want to personally invite you as our existing and prospective clients to celebrate Mr. Galyen’s amazing 35 years as an attorney in the Texas Bar.

Becoming an attorney is about service to others — the law school process, the Bar Exam, the deep and abiding goal to help others through life. Yes, you, through life.

When Mr. Galyen started this firm, that was his goal. In the process of attaining this goal, he decided to, among so many other great things, create a bankruptcy practice for you, for us, for the people of Texas. The bankruptcy code is there, and provides rights to you, yes you, especially if you need financial relief, from debt, from your creditors, from crises, from (well, to be frank) financial despair. If you need a fresh start in life, YOU, yes, you, I want you to come see us.

I want you to be a part of the trust, the loyalty, the depth, the care, the professionalism that makes Mr. Galyen’s firm YOUR FIRM.

I am the managing Bankruptcy attorney for YOUR FIRM. I want to help you with your financial circumstances if you believe that you can’t turn anywhere else, or accomplish anything else – on your own. You do not have to! I promise to provide you the successful tools you need to manage your circumstances. We will provide a financial plan for you – yes, YOU. It’s what we do. It is why we are here. It’s what Mr. Galyen has been doing in this area of law for 35 successful years.

In the Bankruptcy Department here, we provide relief to you according the chapter of the Bankruptcy Code that fits YOUR issue. There is Chapter 7, 13, 11, and even more that you may not have known about. We have attorneys here with the collective, broad-based experience, to resolve your financial concerns. We are committed.

If you believe that you are suffering financial strife, foreclosure, repossession, garnishment, levy, all you need to do is contact me. Contact my law firm, where we are celebrating 35 years of success from the very top.

We want to be here for you. I’m Katrina – call me at 844-402-2992 if you need help with your financial circumstances. Maybe you need a bankruptcy case – a federal injunction against your creditors. Maybe you need some breathing room, or a true fresh start. Make an appointment with us today.

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