Social Security Office List the 2018 Top Baby Names

Emma and Liam were the top two baby names for 2018, according to the Social Security Administration’s Office of the Chief Actuary. Social Security tracks this information when it assigns new social security numbers to babies.

This is the second consecutive year that both Emma and Liam have claimed the top spot. Rounding out the top five for girls in 2018 were Olivia, Ava, Isabella, and Sophia. For boys, the rest of the top five were Noah, William, James, and Oliver.

Social Security also tracks which names show the largest increase in popularity, with Genesis seeing the largest rise in popularity among names for boys, followed by Saint, Baker, Kairo, and Watson. For girls, Meghan showed the largest increase in popularity, followed by Dior, Adalee, and Palmer. Conversely the names Audrina and Aaden saw the biggest decline in 2018.

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