IRS Tax Appeals

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When an IRS examination results in a recommendation of additional taxes due, you have the right to appeal, if you do not agree with the validity of the tax.

As you move toward an IRS tax appeal, whether you are disputing penalties or overall tax liability, it is vital to have expert assistance of one who thoroughly understands the procedures.

At Bailey & Galyen, tax lawyer Bradley Conway, formerly with the IRS Office of Chief Counsel for 25 years, has the in-depth understanding of IRS procedures and policies and legal skills to ably represent you before the Appeals Office and help you reach a satisfactory settlement.

The IRS’s goal is to collect money in any way possible. Still, avoidance of costly and time-consuming litigation remains a chief concern for both the IRS and the taxpayer. And there is always the risk that the IRS may lose, if your case ends up in tax court. Thus, a great majority of disputed IRS examination recommendations are resolved at the appeals stage by Appeals Officers, authorized to reach a settlement.

When you seek our assistance to present an IRS tax appeal on your behalf, we conduct a thorough review of your financial situation, weighing your assets and liabilities. Presenting your case at appeal entails clear evaluation of your ability to pay the taxes owed, questioning the validity of the tax bill, itself and persuading the Appeals Officer that reaching a settlement serves everyone’s best interests.

Well known regionally and nationally, attorney David Jordan has a reputation for taxpayer advocacy and a long track record of successful IRS tax controversy settlements. When you need legal help to present an IRS tax appeal, you can count on Mr. Jordan’s extensive experience to help you eliminate or reduce your tax debt and reach a final determination that will allow you to regain your financial footing.

To arrange a consultation and explore how a tax expert can make a difference in the outcome of your IRS appeal, contact Bailey & Galyen. The sooner you retain tax lawyer, the greater your chance of a successful settlement.

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