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IRS & tax disputesIRS tax disputes and debts can cause considerable stress on your business and on a personal level. There is no reason to handle a tax controversy or tax audit alone. With appropriate legal counsel, you may find solutions that you hadn’t been aware of.

At the Texas law firm of Bailey & Galyen, you will find attorneys who will help you understand your rights and how to develop a proactive, responsive approach to the challenge you are facing. We have comprehensive experience helping clients find workable solutions to resolving IRS tax audits, tax debt, tax liabilities, and other IRS tax problems.

We represent individual and business and corporate clients across a broad spectrum of IRS tax concerns at the state and federal level. What follows are some of the more common IRS tax legal services we have helped clients effectively address and resolve.

  • IRS garnishments, levies, and liens – Pay attention to the letters the IRS sends you. You have a certain time period to respond to intents to levy and the like. We can help, but it is critical to seek resolution as soon as possible.
  • IRS examinations and audits – When you are facing auditors specially trained to find problems, it can help to draw on the resources of a law firm with decades of experience in tax law.
  • IRS appeals – Even if you have already received an audit determination or assessment, that’s not the end of the story. We can appeal the determination. We have extensive understanding of the appeals process and know how to negotiate with IRS appeals specialists – and possibly eliminate additional fines, penalties, and the like.
  • IRS final determination – Before you make any agreements with the IRS, it is extremely useful to consult with a tax dispute attorney or other professional who can help you understand your rights and whether your decision would be in your best interest. Be forewarned that any agreement you make with the IRS could constitute a final determination even if you didn’t realize that was the case.

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The attorneys at the Texas law firm of Bailey & Galyen are committed to helping clients dealing with tax controversies settle their audit issues, disputes, liabilities, and other concerns as quickly and economically as is possible. We have several convenient locations throughout Texas where we can meet with you, and offer a free initial consultation. To find out more about how we can help please call 844-402-2992 to schedule an appointment with an attorney. You may also contact us online. We respond promptly to all requests, with phone messages received 24 hours a day seven days a week.

At Bailey & Galyen, we provide comprehensive legal counsel to individuals and businesses across Texas, including Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Clear Lake, Bedford, Carrollton, Grand Prairie, El Paso, Mesquite, Midland/Odessa, Bellaire, Sugar Land, Lubbock, Plano, San Antonio and Weatherford.

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