Catastrophic Injury Litigation Attorney


Greg Gallagher is part of Bailey & Galyen’s Catastrophic Injury Litigation Team and practices out of the firm’s Fort Worth office.

Greg is a graduate of the University of North Texas where, upon graduation, he worked for Fidelity Investments and T.D. Ameritrade as a licensed stockbroker and Series 24 Registered Principal for eight years. It was always Greg’s dream to be a trial lawyer, so he continued working in the financial services industry during the day while attending Texas Wesleyan University School of Law at night.

Upon graduating law school, Greg began his career helping clients who were injured in car and trucking accidents, slips-and-falls, and oil field accidents. He has represented clients who have suffered amputations and severe spinal cord injuries, and he has handled wrongful death cases involving DWI accidents, electrocutions, and drownings.

Greg currently specializes in multiple-defendant complex litigation involving the catastrophic loss of human life and property losses in the tens of millions of dollars. Greg has worked on complex catastrophic injury cases in both state and federal courts, including the Deep Water Horizon explosion, the Bastrop Wildfires, and the West Texas Fertilizer Explosion. For the past 22 years, Greg has left no stone unturned to ensure that his clients get the maximum compensation they deserve and find closure after such life-changing tragic events.

When not in the courtroom, Greg enjoys spending time with his two adult daughters, Shannon and Colleen, and his new grandson, Cameron David. Greg enjoys cooking and spending time on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Areas of Practice:

  • Catastrophic Injury Litigation


  • University of North Texas
    B.A., Communications, 1992
  • Texas Wesleyan University School of Law
    J.D., 2001

Bar Admissions:

  • State Bar of Texas – 2001
  • Supreme Court of the United States of America – 2006
  • U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Texas – 2003
  • U.S. District Court, Northern District of Texas – 2010
  • U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas – 2015
  • U.S. District Court, Western District of Texas – 2016

Representative Cases

The following are among the many catastrophic personal injury claims Greg has successfully litigated:

  • Karen L. Fears v. WE-BE-TUBIN, LLC d/b/a Texas Tubes; Case No. 5:17-CV-01117; U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas (2018)
    Wrongful Death/Drowning:
    Curtis Goldman and friends were customers of Texas Tubes in New Braunfels, Texas, and were tubing the Comal River on the 4th of July. When Mr. Goldman got out of his tube at the last public exit, he encountered a 22-foot underwater drop off. He was sucked down by the strong undertow and never resurfaced. The Court found that Texas Tubes, as a long-time river outfitter, had superior knowledge of a hidden danger under the surface of the river and further found that the company breached its duty to warn customers and provide life jackets. This case was settled, but the amount and terms of the settlement are confidential. Also, because of this case, the City of New Braunfels installed bilingual warning signs at all public access points along the Comal River.
  • Roberto Manuel Chavez Yanez v. WWGAF, Inc., and UME, Inc.; Case No. 5:19-CV-01065; U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas (2019)
    Wrongful Death/Drowning:
    Mr. Celis, a 30-year-old physically-fit young man, was vacationing and camping on the Guadalupe River with his family from Guadalajara, Mexico. Mr. Celis was standing in knee-deep water when he began to swim towards an inflatable beach ball, at which point he was suddenly sucked underwater, encountered a 20-foot drop off, got stuck in a dangerous undertow, and never resurfaced. The court found that Camp Huaco Springs, which had been operating on the Guadalupe River for over 35 years, had knowledge of multiple other drowning deaths along the stretch of river that bordered their campground, dating as far back as 1988. The Court ruled, therefore, that the camp operators failed to adequately warn Mr. Celis of underwater drop-offs and deadly undertows. This case was settled, but the amount and terms of the settlement are confidential.
  • Maria Palomino v. Bonsai Logistics, LLC; Cause No. 2021-CI-04124; 150th District Court, Bexar County, Texas (2023)
    Negligence/Medical Transport Van Accident:
    Ms. Palomino was being transported in a wheelchair from her home to the location of her kidney dialysis treatment. It was the van driver’s first day on the job, and he was not trained on how to properly strap down and lock Ms. Palomino’s wheelchair. When the driver turned a corner, Ms. Palomino’s wheelchair tipped over, causing her to slam her head and shoulder hard on the van’s floor, resulting in both skull and shoulder fractures. This case was settled, but the amount and terms of the settlement are confidential.
  • Linda Castro v. Macy’s Retail Holdings Inc. and Ingram Park Mall; Cause No. 2019-CI-21755; 57th District Court, Bexar County, Texas (2022)
    Premises Liability/Trip-and-fall:
    Mrs. Castro was exiting the Macy’s store at Ingram Park Mall when her foot caught a piece of broken sidewalk concrete, causing her to fall. The impact of the fall fractured her kneecap, and the injury required surgery. We successfully recovered damages for past and future medical expenses, as well as for pain and suffering.
  • Susie Vybiral v. Reel Dinner Partners-Marketplace, LLC; Cause No. 2020-CI-17880; 150th District Court, Bexar County, Texas (2021)
    Premises Liability/Slip-and-fall:
    Mrs. Vybiral was a customer at the Alamo Drafthouse when she slipped and fell on a large puddle of water in the ladies’ bathroom, injuring her head and neck. Through employee depositions, it was discovered that Alamo Drafthouse had no policy concerning hourly bathroom checks for cleanliness and slip hazards. We successfully recovered damages for past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.
  • Phylis Tumlinson . Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas Holdings, LLC; Cause No. D-1-GN-19-008422; 419th District Court, Travis County, Texas (2021)
    Premises Liability/Trip-and-fall:
    Mrs. Tumlinson and her husband were leaving a theater after their movie was finished. Because it was dark in the theater, and because the stairs were not up to code, she missed the last step and fell, fracturing her left hip. Her injury required surgery. We successfully recovered damages for her past medical bills and for pain and suffering.
  • Jose Barraza v. La Parilla Mexican Restaurant; Cause No. 2015-CI-16765; 224th District Court, Bexar County, Texas (2018)
    Work Injury/Hand Injury and Finger Amputation:
    Mr. Barraza was operating his employer’s industrial food mixer to make masa (used for tortillas) when the machine jammed up. The machine was very old and missing several safety guards. Mr. Barraza reached into the machine to move the ball of dough when the machine activated. As a result, the metal paddles mangled his right hand. Mr. Barraza required several surgeries and eventually had to have two fingers amputated. We successfully recovered damages for Mr. Barraza’s past medical bills and lost wages as well as additional damages for physical impairment and disfigurement. Because the restaurant owner was uninsured, we successfully negotiated a way for him to personally pay all damages through a monthly installment plan.
  • Deanna Gayle Gudgin-Jones v. Unified Residential Mgmt. Texas, LLC.; Cause No. C2020-1548D, 433rd District Court, Comal County, Texas (2021)
    Premises Liability/Cervical and Lumbar Spine Injuries:
    A young woman was leaving the second-floor apartment she shared with her fiancé when she lost her footing going down the stairs and fell. The stairs had been heavily modified by the apartment management company’s maintenance crew and were in violation of the applicable building codes. Plaintiff had complained about the stairs to apartment management for months. The fall caused severe lower back and neck injuries that required Plaintiff to delay her wedding and cancel the dream honeymoon that was planned. Also, Plaintiff worked as a fashion model and had to turn down numerous high-paying fashion shoots and travel opportunities while recovering from her injuries. This case was settled, but the amount and terms of the settlement are confidential.
  • Leslie Herrera v. Daisy Lopez, et al., Cause No. 2018-CV-06206, Bexar County Court at Law No. 10, Bexar County, Texas (2021)
    Dog Attack:
    A teenage girl was walking home from school when a neighbor’s pit bull jumped the fence and mauled her wrists and upper legs, causing extreme blood loss, excruciating pain, and PTSD. The attack left permanent scars and resulted in a life-long impairment of her ability to play the guitar, something she loved to do. We settled for the homeowner’s insurance policy limits.

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