This Picture Represents 158 Combined Years of Bailey & Galyen Staff Experience

Experience“On July 27th the Bedford Office went out to lunch. As we were sitting there we started talking about how many of us had been with Bailey & Galyen over 10 years. After doing the math, we took a picture of Employees who had been with Bailey & Galyen (not career years – Bailey & Galyen years). This picture represents 158 combined years of Bailey & Galyen Staff experience.” – Vicki Davis, Office Manager

Left to right:

Keith Spencer – Managing Attorney of the Family Dept.
Phillip Galyen – Owner and CEO
Amie Jackowski – Paralegal – Family Dept.
Marie Carapucci – Paralegal – Probate Dept (retiring July 29, 2017)
Mary Ann Shurley – Paralegal Coordinator
Craig Pepper – Controller
Martin Miller – Attorney – Tarrant County Criminal Dept.


Vicki Davis – Office Manager – Bedford
Casey Mitchell – Chief Financial Officer