Considering Estate Planning or Probate?

Estate Planning


Earlier this year I was on the West Coast and dined at a San Diego restaurant which had come highly recommended. Since you don’t know me, I will tell you that I have been described as “conservative” with money, because it is considered rude to describe me more accurately. Since I don’t eat at fancy restaurants very often I experienced a bit of menu shock. I ordered a middle of the menu meal and harbored doubts that it could live up to the hype and price tag. I was blown away by how good this food was. I ended up convinced that the meal and dining experience were an excellent value, even though I paid more than I usually did.


When considering estate planning or probate you have a right to receive value. Ask yourself about the quality of their work. Does this attorney have the experience and expertise to give me good advice? Do they provide quality service that will avoid the costly mistakes I might make by trying to do this myself or going with a novice or inexperienced lawyer?


What about price? Does this person have the experience to efficiently provide quality? Am I going to be nickeled and dimed because my lawyer failed to anticipate what it would take to complete the project and does he have the confidence to quote a reasonable fee in at the beginning of the project?

Relationship, Resource, or Drive By?

I have lost count of the number of clients who arrive at my office with a pile of papers and a business card bearing a disconnected telephone number. The hard sell they got to purchase the plan turned into the hard to reach sales person. One of the great things about our practice is that we build relationships with our clients and their families. We serve as a resource for them years after we have completed our initial work. It is an honor to be trusted to walk with a family through planning and then implementation of their estate plan. We take pride in the quality of our work, our reasonable fees, and the fact that we offer real value.

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