Your Personal Halloween Nightmare—Getting Arrested for DWI

Your Personal Halloween Nightmare—Getting Arrested for DWI

A Real Halloween Scare — A Drunk Driving Charge!!

There’s nothing quite like a good scare on Halloween night—but here’s a nightmare you can do without—getting pulled over by law enforcement officers after you’ve been enjoying a few cocktails with friends. Texas police officers take a very serious approach when enforcing the state’s DWI laws. A single mistake can be very costly, resulting in fines, incarceration and the potential loss of driving privileges. Your automobile insurance premiums can go up significantly and you could even put your job at risk.

Here’s something else you need to know—police will likely be on high alert on Halloween, as statistics show that more drunk-driving accidents occur on Halloween night and in the wee hours after trick-or-treating than any other time during the year. As Halloween has become more of an adult-oriented holiday, with many bars and restaurants hosting events with alcohol, the number of drunk-driving crashes has continually increased. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration now says that there are more alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents between 6 pm on October 31 and 6 am on November 1 than any other 12 hour period during the calendar year. In a study conducted in Texas, almost half of all Halloween night traffic fatalities involved drinking and driving.

Tips for Avoiding a Halloween DWI Arrest

Whether you’re hosting or attending a Halloween bash this year, you want everyone to have a good time without risk of a drunk driving charge. Here are some ways that you can minimize the chances of just such a nightmare:

  • Go alcohol-free at your party—There are countless “mocktails” or non-alcoholic drinks that you can serve your party guests. How about a Halloween sherbet punch or blood-red (cranberry juice) Witch’s Brew Punch. Chances are your guests may not even know the punch isn’t spiked, but they may thank you later.
  • Make certain you have plenty of food at your party—Great food serves a couple of purposes—it counteracts the effects of alcohol and it encourages partygoers to drink less.
  • Have a plan if someone shouldn’t drive—It can be a cab or Uber service on call, a designated driver running a shuttle or even a few bunks at your house. It’s better for your guests to crash on your couch than to spend the night in the slammer.
  • Hire a bartender—Instead of letting guests manage their own alcohol consumption, enlist the aid of a professional bartender to limit portions and pull the plug on anyone who’s had too many.
  • Use tough love when you have to—If you have an attendee who won’t listen to reason, and insists on getting behind the wheel after too many drinks, be willing to take their car keys or even call police, if necessary. After all, if they cause injury to someone in an accident, you may be liable.
  • Never, under any circumstances, allow minors to consume alcohol—The best way to do this—insist that only adults come to the party and make no exceptions.

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