Juvenile Drinking and Driving in Texas

Protecting People Charged with Underage Drinking

Juvenile facing a drinking and driving chargeIf you are a minor and have been charged with DWI or drunk driving, you want an experienced and aggressive lawyer to protect your rights. Such an offense can be a Class C misdemeanor and can result in the loss of all driving privileges. You want an attorney who knows and understands the law and who has represented other minors in similar circumstances.

At Bailey & Galyen, we have extensive experience defending people charged with DWI, including people under the age of majority. We will handle all aspects of your DWI charge, from the administrative license revocation (ALR) hearing to the criminal proceeding to determine penalties. We take the time to listen carefully so that we can understand all your circumstances and craft a strategy to minimize the consequences of an arrest. We will work closely with you throughout the process, keeping you fully informed of everything that transpires and making certain you know and understand your options so that you can make good decisions.

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Defending Minors Charged with Drinking and Driving

As a minor charged with DWI, you won’t face the same penalties as an adult. You cannot be sentenced to jail, but you could lose your driving privileges for a long time.

When you are arrested, your license is automatically suspended. You can, however, request a hearing to ask an administrative law judge to either reinstate your license or to grant you an occupational driver’s license, which will allow you limited privileges so that you can drive to and from work or school as well as to necessary appointments such as doctor visits. You must, however, request the hearing regarding suspension or reinstatement of your license within 15 days of your suspension.

When you hire us to defend you on a DWI charge, we will thoroughly investigate the facts and circumstances of your case, making certain there was probable cause for any traffic stop and that you were advised of your rights before you made any statements to the police. We will also review police reports and talk to witnesses to verify that field sobriety and blood alcohol tests were correctly administered.

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