Miscellaneous Social Security Facts:

SSA paid benefits to about 52.6 million people in 2009.

  • 15% of these were getting disability payments and 64% were retired workers.
  • Spouses, children and survivors make up the rest.

Broken down by gender:

  • In 2009: 80% of the men receiving SS benefits were retired workers; while 19% of were receiving disability.
  • In 2009: 61% of women receiving SS benefits were retired workers; 14% were disabled workers; 9% were receiving spousal benefits on the earnings of retired or disabled workers; and 16% were receiving widows or mother’s benefits.

Broken down by age:

  • In 2010: 6% of beneficiaries were under the age of 18;
  • 15% were between 18 and 61;
  • 9% were between 62 and 64;
  • 37% were between 65 and 74;
  • 23% were between 75 and 84;
  • And 10% were over age 85.

Social Security provided at least half the monthly income for 64% of retired people over the age of 56 in 2008.
How long does it take to get SS Disability Benefits?

  • This varies greatly from case to case. In Texas, the initial claim can take 2-4 months; Reconsideration can take another 2-4 months; waiting on a hearing can take 6-15 months.
  • Dallas has the fastest processing time of all National offices, averaging 311 days in 2012.

Does anyone get approved early on?

  • In 2008, 37.5% of 2,570,000 initial claims filed that year were allowed.
  • Only 48.1% of those denied filed an appeal. Of that 48.1%, only 12.04% were awarded at the second step.
  • 74.6% of these denials appealed to the hearing level. Of these, 62.7% were awarded! This is the highest award rate by far, but so many people quit appealing before they got here.

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