So You Have an Appointment with the Devil?

Ok, so lets just call the “Devil” the Independent Medical Examiner or IME. The insurance carrier can request that you see one of their own chosen doctors once every 180 days OR after you have seen a Designated Doctor (DWC Appointed).  Within all of my experience, these doctors are chosen by the carrier for a reason. To say or find a way to say, that your injury isn’t all completely work related, or that you are able to return to work with no restrictions, or even you are DONE with treatment and there should be no additional treatment or medication. Do they have a right to have you seen by these doctors? YES. But they must submit a request through the DWC first (form DWC 22). They may ask that you agree to it, and you should always say NO. Make them go through the DWC to get the approval for this IME doctor.


Please know that these IME doctors have become incredibly creative in their assessments of your injury. They will surf the web for your Facebook info, or anything else that’s out there in the world wide web, to try and discredit you. From the moment you get out of your car, they will observe how you are walking or carrying yourself, up until the point you leave and return back to your car.  They may have been given surveillance videos that show you in your activities of daily living. My point is, be wary of these doctors. Your best interest is NOT what they are there for. Unfortunately, in most cases you MUST attend or risk having your money benefits stopped or an interruption in treatment.


You should consult with an attorney, especially when you notice that the carrier is more interested in not taking care of your medical treatment than to take care of you and get you the treatment you need.