Will, Trust, and Powers of Attorney

One of my favorite things on social media is the pictures of the special cake, cupcake or project that shows a perfect example and then the not so perfect attempt to copy it. The children’s animated or puppet character cake looks amazing when the professional has produced it, but the amateur attempt barely resembles it. You may have had that experience with following a recipe. You think you have all the information you need to recreate a dish or bakery item you liked, but “epic fail” best describes the result. What happens is that we may not have had all the ingredients or in the right proportions or in the right order or mixed correctly. There may be timing issues and temperature settings that are difficult to produce. It may be that the person who produces a consistently excellent product knows some things that we don’t know.

I counsel with people who have experienced that same “epic fail” on a daily basis. I can sure relate to what they’re going through. Many times I’ve thought I could produce a product or follow a recipe only to be disappointed. It has very little to do with intelligence or character. The fact is that experienced professionals can do things I am unable to. Going online and botching a recipe costs me a little time and a little money. Going online and attempting to practice law can cost a whole lot more. Here’s to making mistakes in the kitchen we can laugh about and possibly put down the disposal, and seeking wise counsel for professional services.

Every adult needs at least some basic estate planning. Contact us for experienced professional help with your Will, Trust, and Powers of Attorney.