Supplemental Income Benefits : You received an Impairment rating 15% or Higher

Workers CompensationWhen you have reached Maximum Medical Improvement and receive an impairment rating that is 15% or higher, you may be entitled to received Supplemental Income Benefits. SIBS are paid out monthly, which is calculated by using your Average Weekly Wage (AWW).You apply quarterly, so every 3 months you apply in order to receive monthly benefits for that Quarter.

There are a few ways to qualify, so please call us to discuss your case, to see which would be the best route for your to apply. Please refer to DWC form 52 for your SIBS application. The insurance carrier and/or Division of WC should have mailed this to you ahead of time.

If you are claiming a total inability to work, this one by far can be the most difficult since if any doctor states that you are able to perform some type of work, even if it’s sedentary, you must look for work. Please refer to form DWC 52. It is very important that you fill in each space regarding your job search. In addition please keep these objectives in mind: (a) Search for jobs that are within your work restrictions. For example, do not apply for a heavy labor position, if your restrictions state, “no lifting, bending, or kneeling.” (b) Be sure that the contact person is someone with hiring capabilities, meaning do not put a clerk or an employee that basically has no say-so regarding matters of hiring; (c) Be sure you have a number to the contact person, because the carrier will want to verify with that person that you did apply for a position with that particular company (please refer to form DWC 52); (d) Even if the company is not hiring at that time, leave a job application with them anyways. Be sure to check “not hiring” in the results column; (e) You MUST have the correct number of work searches each week. We can assist you in locating this information, please call us.

If in fact there are no doctors that indicate that you are able to work, your doctor must provide a narrative report that indicates the reasons that you have a total inability to work. If this letter is not sufficient, it may lead to a denial of your request.

Important: Please contact the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services regarding any programs that you may be qualified for. If you refuse to cooperate with services offered by the DARS, you will lose entitlement to SIBs. Their number is 800-628-5115, please give them a call today, it costs nothing, and you can at least enroll and get your information in their system.

Although you may be eligible to apply, it is not an automatic right to receive SIBs. Often times you must fight for these benefits. Please feel free to contact my office if you have any questions or desire additional information.

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