The Paperwork

Family LawAs gut-wrenching as a divorce can be, once the court signs the decree you’re only half done. You have to file paperwork with the Bureau of Vital Statistics, the Texas Department of Public Safety Drivers License Bureau, Social Security and so many others. One of the main things I think people frequently overlook is their will, any family trusts, your insurance documents, and car titles.

I will admit right out of the gate, I am not a probate lawyer. Mr. Bailey is an excellent probate lawyer. From my conversations with him when a divorce happens the beneficiaries, executors, almost EVERYTHING in a will gets treated as though the former spouse died. Add to that some of the property listed in the will may well be community property that was disposed of in the divorce.

As a family law lawyer, I just can’t stress strongly enough once the divorce is final the very next appointment you need to make is with probate lawyer Mr. Bailey. In the last year I have had two clients die either during or immediately after the divorce. Look for Mr. Bailey and I to write an article in the coming months regarding the intersection of family and probate law.