Estate PlanningOver almost thirty years of law practice I have experienced a lot of change. Max Lucado says; “if you don’t like change, try the coke machine at my office”. Well Max, I don’t think I like change. It’s inevitable… It’s constant… It’s disruptive… It’s desirable? You see, if I’m honest about it, I enjoy tremendous benefits from advances in technology, science, and transportation. Even the social media that wears down thumbs and clouds rational thought, occasionally delivers good news and brings people together. After all, who wouldn’t like more pictures of their Grandkids delivered with greater efficiency or to reconnect with an old friend? Perhaps what we dislike about change is it’s rapid pace and seemingly indiscriminate impact? Alas, the only thing constant is change.

I say goodbye to a longtime employee of the firm this month, more importantly to a friend. This transition has given us an opportunity to look at how we serve our clients and what we prioritize in our practice. Some claim we’re in the new client business or the rapid expansion business. Some will point to the cash flow and profitability essential to any business. Some will even claim that we are in the law business. There is some truth to these observations, but what we are called to in the practice of law is the people business. I am proud to have come along side countless families to plan for, and to deal with, important transitions in their lives. I am proud to have worked with some outstanding people to deliver these services, including Marie Carapucci. I plan to continue to practice my profession with integrity and compassion, and to remember what we have been called to do.

While many of our clients in Probate and Estate Planning are previous clients and referrals, we still like to make new friends. Call Mr. Bailey if you need help planning for or addressing a transition in your life.

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