Affect of the Government Shut Down on Social Security and Disability Benefits

Government Shutdown sign

As congress and the President continue to debate the federal budget and as the government shutdown enters it second month, many clients have questions on how this will impact their social security payments or pending applications. The good news is unlike prior shutdowns Social Security will remain unaffected by the budget impasse. This means that unlike in previous shutdowns, no social security workers have been furloughed and applications are continuing to be processed and payments are continuing to be made in the normal course of business. Similarly, VA disability payments, Medicare payments, survivor benefits, and retirement benefits will continue to be paid as well.

Bailey & Galyen will continue to monitor the effects of the government shutdown and will keep our clients aware of any changes.

If you are hurt and unable to work it is crucial that you have hardworking experienced attorneys helping you navigate the complicated social security application process. Please contact us at Bailey & Galyen for a free disability evaluation.