I’m Keith Spencer, a Board Certified Family Law attorney with Bailey & Galyen. I office in the Bedford office of the DFW Metroplex.

Divorce cases are extremely complex and emotionally challenging. Everything you hold dear are on the line. Your children, your home, retirement and even your business can be impacted. Property laws make the division of the estate very difficult without the assistance of an experienced family law attorney.

Decisions regarding the care and custody of your children also require specialized expertise. You don’t want to trust everything you’ve worked for to someone that has limited experience in these kinds of cases. You also do not want to hire an attorney over the phone. Schedule appointments with several attorneys and ask about their experience, their fee structures and their support staff. Discuss the details of your case with the attorney and explore your options for mediation or settlement. Remember, most cases settle before trial and may provide a better outcome than going to court.

At Bailey & Galyen you can meet with one of our experienced family law attorneys for free. We will assess your case and take the time to talk to you about the best way to protect what’s most important to you.