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Domestic violence arrestIn the state of Texas, domestic violence is referred to as ‘family violence,’ but it is a broad term that encompasses many kinds of abuse and mistreatment. Family violence occurs in a more intimate setting between family members, making it all the more painful to confront and press charges. Violence against women and child abuse are the most common reoccurring forms of family violence. Abuse in family violence situations can take the following forms:

  1. Physical force – Hitting, slapping, kicking, biting, choking and assault with a weapon are some examples of physical abuse
  2. Sexual abuse & exploitation – rape, sodomy and prostitution among other things, where physical acts of a sexual nature are coerced.
  3. Emotional abuse – verbal criticism, emotional blackmail, harassment, stalking, etc.
  4. Neglect – Depriving children or dependants of food, clothing and proper shelter. Failing to provide emotional/psychological support is also a form of domestic abuse.
  5. Economic abuse – financially taking advantage of others in the family by controlling finances or forcefully taking charge of finances. Forcing someone to work or not allowing someone in the family work also constitutes economic abuse.

Other types of abuse may exist within the family where a person’s religious and political beliefs are manipulated or dominated. In the state of Texas, dating violence also comes under family violence crimes, in which the same criteria for abuse and violence toward a family member apply. If such charges are brought, a judge will first establish a dating relationship, taking into consideration the length and nature of the relationship, among other things.

Texas Domestic Violence Lawyers

When someone is charged with a family violence crime, the victim often recants and decides to drop charges, because of the family connection. The law, however, is not so forgiving, and requires the person charged with the crime to still go to court. This is to ensure that the charges were not withdrawn out of fear and that such behavior might be prevented in the future. Penalties for Family violence crimes can be very steep, including imprisonment, fines and civil suits.

Orders Of Protection

To stop abusive behavior that occurs within a family or dating relationship, one can get an order of protection issued from a judge. This protection order would make it illegal for the abuser to come near the victim whether they are in a public place or at home. Orders of protection can be issued for up to two years and may also include mandatory counseling, intervention programs, and paying spousal or child support. Orders of protection are available against spouses, former spouses, blood relatives, siblings, roommates, relatives by marriage, a person you have dated, someone you share a child with, and foster children.

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