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When immigrants from Europe established new freedoms in America. immigration became not only part of our history and tradition, but it was also the linchpin on which this country was founded. While 9/11 altered our lives making precautions necessary to secure the safety of fellow Americans, the fact still remains that well-intended, talented and hardworking immigrants were the lifeblood and melting pot that comprise our culture. Immigrants who are honest and deserving also have a place in our society today, but only those who are able to navigate the legal barriers can successfully attain permanent residence or citizenship.

Bailey & Galyen A Unique Immigration Advantage

At Bailey & Galyen, our attorneys offer legal advice, representation and various legal services for individuals as well as small and medium-sized businesses that need immigration assistance.

Bailey & Galyen Immigration Attorneys bring an insider’s perspective to our practice, which provides a unique advantage when offering legal help with visas, citizenship, green cards and a myriad of other issues that businesses, employees and individuals face regarding immigration. While the Department of Homeland Security safeguards us against terrorism, many small to medium-sized businesses experience uncertainty and apprehension when dealing with immigration issues. Legal help from Bailey & Galyen’s immigration attorneys can take the fear out of dealing with Homeland Security and enable business owners to pursue immigration matters with confidence.

Immigration Practice Areas

Our immigration lawyers provide big-firm seasoned skills and experience along with personalized service, and focus on the following:

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Whether you are an individual who needs immigration assistance based on family or religious reasons, or an employee striving to obtain a work visa with a company that seeks to hire you, our legal advice and representation can help ease the process. If you face deportation or removal, contact our law firm immediately. The sooner an attorney is involved in the process, the greater the chances of halting the deportation.

Business owners face unique issues involving the employment of authorized immigrants. If unauthorized employment has taken place, many businesses have to deal with sanctions or work raids that threaten their existence. The immigration lawyers at Bailey & Galyen assist clients with many immigration matters, including employment verification and other regulatory compliance, as well as obtaining employee visas.

Staying abreast of ever-changing immigration policy, regulatory changes and developments in nationality and consular law, our firm will provide you with updates including immigration news, status and reform.

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