Premarital Agreements

I’m Keith Spencer. A Board Certified family law attorney with Bailey & Galyen. I office in the Bedford office of the DFW Metroplex.

Every marriage will eventually end. Either by death or divorce. It’s a fact. It’s only sensible to plan for that eventuality, much like we plan for our retirement or prepare our wills.

A premarital agreement gives spouses security and certainty moving forward. Premarital agreements are unique documents specially crafted to recite the individual agreements of the parties.

No two are identical. Parties craft their own agreement with the help of their attorneys. Now not all attorneys will undertake to draft a prenuptial agreement. Usually such agreements are only drafted by the most experienced family law attorneys. At Bailey & Galyen our experienced attorneys will meet with you for a free consultation, and help you determine whether a premarital agreement is right for you.