Still no news on immigration reform

By Michael J. Spychalski

Sometimes in Immigration Law, it is not always best to become a U.S. citizen. This occurs after you petitioned a relative when you are a legal permanent resident and that relative might move into a category that is slower. Specifically, this occurs with children who are over 21 year old child and unmarried. Recently, I had a legal permanent resident come to see me where the over 21 year old child that he had applied for, had an interview with immigration but was denied because he became a US citizen a few days before the interview. The forced the over 21 year old child into a slower category in which his petition was not ready for residency. He was denied. While he thought he was helping becoming a U.S. citizen actually hurt. Immigration law is complex and even the simplest of cases can become complex very easy. It is always best to check with an immigration attorney about your case.

There is still no news on immigration reform. It does not seem as high on Congress’ agenda currently. It is very doubtful there will be a full immigration reform in 2014. My hope is that Congress will start passing bits and pieces of it. I monitor this all of the time and will send updates on the blog if there are any to report.