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The second amendment of the U.S. Constitution states the right to bear arms. However, in the interest of safety, laws and codes exist at the federal, state and local level, to clarify in which manner one is allowed to bear arms. In the state of Texas, unless one has a permit, it is illegal to carry or possess a variety of weapons. The ‘Unlawful Carrying of Weapons’ and ‘Prohibited Weapons’ statutes make clear that it is illegal to carry handguns, clubs (any object used to strike someone), ‘illegal knives,’ switchblades, explosives or other firearms. Illegal knives are defined as single blade knives longer than five inches, any double-edged knife, swords or spears. Since 1995, Texas law allows carrying a handgun as long as a permit accompanies it. The handgun must always be concealed and is not permitted within schools, medical facilities, places of worship, and other similar places.

In addition to carrying and possessing weapons, there are also laws that affect the manufacturing, distribution, importing and exporting of illegal weapons.

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